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#SORSMC: Einewelthaus

On Monday June 25, our group of students from the WvSG Grade 7 classes visited the “Einewelthaus” to learn how to become responsible consumers. We were given a tour of interesting and creative ways to make the world a better place.

First, we went to a piece of land next to Rotehorn Stadtpark that is owned by a group called “Bienenweide e.V.”. They buy small urban pieces of land and plant them with wildflowers that attract bees because bees are essential for our environment by pollinating crops and the wildflowers make the city more beautiful. Next, we were shown the “Netz39 hackerspace” on Leibnizstrasse, a place where computer coding experts help learn how to fix cell phones so that they are recycled and not just trashed when a small thing breaks down. They are also trying to develop free Wi-Fi for the whole city of Magdeburg. Afterwards we walked to a thrift store called “Zweimalschön”, also on Leibnizstrasse, that sells a large selection of used clothes. Buying or selling used clothes is a great way to recycle things that can still be used and could make other people happy. Finally, we ended the tour at a new vegan restaurant on Breiter Weg called “Crops”. If we all ate vegan food, no animal would have to suffer just so we can eat and no large animal farms would pollute the environment. And the vegan food at Crops was absolutely delicious!

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